Personal Values Wheel


What Are Personal Values

• Personal values are the most important hidden factors which control our ambitions, dreams and drive in life.
• Values are important internal motivators of which we have little knowledge or control over.
• What we value determines what life means to us and what actions we take.
• When we honour our values, life is good, life is fulfilling.

Let’s find out answers to this important questions of life today

• What is most important to you in your life?
• What is important to you in profession, your job or career?
• What is important to you in a mate?



Why Identify and Establish Your Values?
We demonstrate and model values in action in personal and work behaviors and in decision making. We use our values to make decisions about priorities in your daily work and personal life. Our goals and life purpose are grounded in our personal values. Values help focus and align Our life choices Live with integrity. being a whole person. Being true to yourself. Try Now Personal Values Test

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